A Biodanza teacher who read empirical studies and a researcher who dances are complete


2017: New Oxford University Press Publication "Dance and Wellbeing" with BIODANZA: Download Content + Biodanza for children

2017: Downloads Biodanza Research Publications 

2016: Systematic review of 7 Biodanza Studies on Biodanza Stressreduction and Wellbeing (e.g. Leipzig Research Group, Italian Research group) With critical reflexion and minimum standards for a "good study design")

2012: Download PhD and Professorial Dissertations about Biodanza Barbara Pereira, Alejandra Villegas, Marcus Stueck

BIONET - Training/Education + Information Instructor-Training in Evidencebased Biodanza Programmes for Schools and Kindergardens (TANZPRO Biodanza) and TANZPRO Biodanza Aquatica 


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BIONET is part of the IBF-Science Department.