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= new form of biocentric network and scientific encounter between Science and the Experience in different fields and methods of research.


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NEW uploads in 2022:

Link to the Journal "Biocentric Thoughts", Brasil 


Article Maria Dolorez Diaz Biodanza-Theory

Life Experiences for Expression (2009)

From Anatomy to Energy through the Biodance System (2015)


Article Biodanza for children in Indonesia

Evaluation of Biodanza with children (TANZPRO) at Islam University Yogyakarta

Pengembangan dan Uji Validasi Modul Tanzpro-Biodanza untuk Subjek

Endah Puspita sari, Libbie Annatagia, Nur Widiasmara, Marcus Stueck


Review of Marcus Stueck’s Pandemic Management Theory by Rupert Meese.

Biodanza Association UK


Italy: Pandemic Management Theory and biocentric development in italian language 



NEW 2021: 

The Pandemic Management Theory. COVID-19 and biocentric development

(for download)


Research Topic in Frontiers in Psychology: Biocentric Development: Studies on the Consequences of COVID-19 Towards Human Growth and Sustainability - Main topic editor Marcus Stueck - please submit your article about your biocentruic research