Evidencebased Biodanza - Biodanza programmes in Institutions

Since 2000 there are different programs with Biodanza in institutions, so called evidencebased programmes:

- for cildren (TANZPRO-Biodanza for cildren)

- in water (TANZPRO-Biodanza Aquatica)

- with elderly people (School of Empathy with Biodanza for Elderlies)

- with teachers and parents (TANZPRO-Biodanza for teachers/parents)

- Biodanzaand Art expression


Base of the evidencebased Biodanzaprogrammes is the research since 1998

1. Development and updating of the theoretical model of Biodanza / Sviluppo e aggiornamento della modella teoretica di Biodanza

Critical reflexion on the model of Biodanza


2. Experimental life science basic research on the effects of Biodanza (since 1998) / Ricerca di base sperimentale sulla Biodanza da un punto di vista biologico

PUBLICATIONS are available (some with review system)


3) Quasi-Experimental studies weekly Biodanza classes (since 1998) / Indagini quasi-sperimentali su corsi di Biodanza settimanali (dal 1998).

1999: Investigacion sobre los effectos psicologicos y fisiologicos de la biodanza, e.g. bienestar

2003: Systemic Stress reduction (SYSRED) in School under the use of BIODANZA

2004: Biodanza as Mirrored in the sciences: Research concerning the psychological, physiological and immunological effects of Biodanza.

2004: Stress management in schools: An empirical Investigation of stress management system

2005: Biodanza as existencial renewal process for elderly

2006: Effects and Processes of BIODANZA, e.g. self esteem, wellbeing - PhD, Leipzig University

2007: Biodanza and Yoga with school teachers - Professoral dissertation, Leipzig University (Habilitation)

2008: Biodanza and Yoga as bodyoriented interventions to reduce psycho-vegetativ tensions in teachers

2008: The effects of Biodanza on school teachers on wellbeing and stressreduction

2009: Psychoneuroimmunological effects of BIODANZA

2009: Qalitative Study Art & Expression with Biodanza

2012: Biodanza and Fibromyalgia

2012: Comparison between aquatic-biodanza and stretching for improving quality of life and pain in patients with fibromyalgia

2013: Effectiveness of aquatic biodance on sleep quality, anxiety and other symptoms in patients with fibromyalgia

2014: The effects of a motor program based in the biodanza in relation to emotional intelligence parameters in women

2016: Health effects derived from an annual course of Biodanza

2017: Biodanza Effects on Stress Reduction and Well-Being: A review on Study Quality and Outcome

2017: Effects of Biodanza on Stress, Depression, and Sleep Quality in University Students



 4) Quasi-Experimental Research on Extension of Biodanza (since 2006) / Indagini quasi-sperimentali sulle estensioni della Biodanza (dal 2006) 

PUBLICATIONS are available in Dance towards Health


5) Cross-cultural studies of Biodanza (Since 2005) / Indagini transculturali sulla Biodanza (dal 2005)


PUBLICATIONS are available in Dance towards Health




6) Studies on the quality of Biodanza teacher-training (since 2003) / Indagine sul controllo di qualità nella formazione di insegnanti di Biodanza (dal 2003)

PUBLICATIONS are available in Dance towards Health


7)  Untersuchungen zu Biodanza mit Kindern (seit 2008) / Studies of Biodanza with children (since 2008) / Indagine sulla Biodanza con bambini (dal 2008)

2013: Healthy education – Introduction to a master plan under use of  Biodanza in institutions

2013: School of Empathy (Biodanza) Introduction and first results

2013: Effects of an evidencebased Dance Program (TANZPRO-BIODANZA) for Kindergarten children (4-6) on IgA, Testosterone and Heart rate 

2016: Biodanza for kindergarten children (TANZPRO- Biodanza): reporting on changes of cortisol levels and emotion recognition


2017: Effects of a Biodanza programme for primary school children and kindergarden on psychology, physiology, hormone, immune system (Oxford-Handbook Dance and Wellbeing - Taster).

2018: School of Empathy under the use of TANZPRO-Biodanza for Enhancing Children’s Well-being


2018: Effects of a biodanza program in relation to physical and psychological parameters in Primary Education


2021: Evaluation of Biodanza with children (TANZPRO) at Islam University Yogyakarta


8) Publications in scientific journals, high-quality scientific work (since 1998) / Pubblicazioni in riviste scientifiche, lavori scientifici di alta qualità (dal 1998)

in this list are examples of high ranked publications.