Bionet Areas

This researchers use the methods: qualitative, quantitative, laboratory research and application oft he results into the practice (Gates 2-5)

Area 1 - Biology and Medicine

Prof. Dr. med. Ulrich Sack
Phd. Vuk Savkovic
Dr. Hans-Ullrich Balzer
Paul Stephen Tofts




Area 2 - Psychology and Education

Prof. Dr. Marcus Stück

Dr. Guna Svence

Dr. Alejandra Villegas

Prof. Dr. Evelin Witruk

Dr. Dian Sari Uta Juan
Claudia Altemirano

Ramón Hernández López

Dr. Abad Robles

Sebastian Müller-Haugk

Msc. Anete Raykova

Msc. Vineta Greaves

Diana Sturmane (Research assistant Project "Oxytocin and Biodanza")

Area 3 - Other Sciences (e.g. Anthropology, Ethology etc)
Wiryono Raharjo (Architecture)


INDEPENDENT Researchers based on „Self-Experience/Vivencia“

This researcher describe or express experiences (Gate 1)

Jorge Terren (Biodanza)