Quasi-Experimental studies weekly Biodanza classes (since 1998) / Indagini quasi-sperimentali su corsi di Biodanza settimanali (dal 1998)

A total of 6 studies (all with control groups):

(1) Investigations in B. Aires to study the health psychological and physiological effects of Biodanza (including reduction of psychosomatic symptoms, stress reduction, increase in optimism, self-efficacy, positive effect of session, etc.).

Estudio Científico sobre los efectos de Biodanza en Alemania y Argentina por Rolando Toro Araneda - 1997

(2) repetitions of the tests in Leipzig: Confirmation of the findings (DISSERTATION Alejandra Villegas, University of Leipzig, see above).

(3) Investigation of Biodanza with psychotherapy patients (study 1: including anti-depressive effect in initial worsening of symptoms, better psycho-physiological sleep patterns, better interpersonal skills, study 2: Biodanza and addiction, study is currently in an addiction clinic in Leipzig with control group)

(4) one-year study of Biodanza groups (eg after one year significant increase of the recorded personality variables, compared to control groups).

(5) Surveys to health psychological aspects of Biodanza with teachers (including significant reduction of control ambitions, significant improvements in various health-psychological variables, identification of different mechanisms of action of Biodanza).

(6) Biodanza with old people (with the control group) (Fidora, Mader, Stueck, 2005).
PUBLICATIONS are available (some with review system).

(7) Biodanza Family Center (England) 2016

(8) Biodanya Stress and Wellbeing (Italy Research group 2013)

(9) Biodanza and Cortisol (Portugal) 2016

(10) Biodanza in Institutions (Portugal) 2016