Articles will be published in a peer-reviewed conference book (additional fee: 60 Euro for 4 pages, 15 Euro each additional page).
After publication the manuscript is not returned to the author.

Call for papers and contributions
Manuscripts are requested to be sent in no later than 1st October via e-mail: /

Final product
Manuscripts submitted untill deadline will be handed in to the Editorial Board for reviewing and consideration for publication in the current No of Journal. When Members of Editorial Board are handing in the manuscript, they do not make decisions concerning the publication of the particular manuscript.

Structure of the manuscript
At the beginning of the manuscript the following should be mentioned: author's name, surname (12 pt, Bold, All Caps), institution that submits the manuscript, country (12 pt Normal), title of the manuscript (14 pt Bold, All Caps).

Short summary: 1500 characters (12 pt, Italic). Structure: Introduction, Aim of the Study, Materials and Methods of the work, main Results, Conclusions and Key words.  

Body of the manuscript: Introduction, Aim of the Study, Materials and Methods, Results, Conclusions (12 pt, Normal) and References (the list of literature) (10 pt, Normal).

At the end of the manuscript the following should be mentioned: author's academic position, scientific degree, name, surname, institution, personal address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address (10 pt, Normal).

Requirements for the organisation of the manuscript: manuscripts in English may be up to 5 - 8 pages including References (the list of literature) and Summary of 1500 characters. When manuscript exceeds 8 pages Editorial Board decides on whether to ask the author to shorten it.
The manuscript should be typewritten in A4 format, set in one column according to the following parameters: margins- 2.5 cm, text editor- Word, Times New Roman, font number 12, spaces between lines- 1. Each paragraph should start with a 1.5 cm indention. Pages, tables and pictures should be numbered. Tables and pictures should be in black and white (if this does not interfere with the possibility to perceive the content) with captions. Tables and pictures must be cited in the text, e.g., (see Table 1); Arabic numbering should be used. The size of tables and pictures should not exceed A4 format page.
References should be indicated in the typescript by giving the author's name, with the year of publication in parentheses (Bamberger, 1991).