Biodanza and Science

2015/16 BS Mendoza Argentina

2016 BS Porto, Lisboa   

2017: Holland Biodanza Teacher Assciation Scientific Conference with Vivencia

In this open conference with BIODANZA class one of the pioneers of the BIODANZA-Research worldwide (Evidencebased BIODANZA), Prof. Dr. Marcus Stueck from the University of Applied Science Saxony (Germany) and the Institute of BIODANZA Research Leipzig (BIONET) or Dr.Alejandra Villegas will show some results of the research pieces which were in the last 20 years in Germany, Argentina, Indonesia, Letonia, Iran, Nepal, Tanzania, Switzerland.

BIODANZA with children, with adults, teachers, patients, elderly people and traumatized persons after natural disasters were investigated. The participants will be  informed about the actual BIODANZA Research projects (e.g. BIODANZA Aquatica, evidencebased BIODANZA) and about the newest publications about the effects of Biodanza on hormone system, physiology and psychology in adults and children.

This conference is held as additional modul or conference in BIODANZA SCHOOLS.

This will help to boost the BIODANZA system within portugease Institutions. After an scientific introduction into BIODANZA Research, which are given in a pleasurable way, there will be an open Biodanza class to try out practically BIODANZA, as system of Autoregulation, Integration and Love."

WHEN BIODANZA-VIVENCIA COMES TOGETHER WITH THE EMPIRICAL SCIENCE THAN THE WORLD IS COMPLETE. WHEN THE SOUTH GET IN DIALOG WITH THE NORTH or the Penguine (affective experience, feelings, togetherness) embrace the Polar bear (critical rational reflexion) than we have the COMPLETE ACCESS TO KNOWLEGDE (M.Stueck in the book "The complete Science" (2016).