Experimental life science basic research on the effects of Biodanza (since 1998) / Ricerca di base sperimentale sulla Biodanza da un punto di vista biologico

A total of 11 studies:  1-7 with a control group:

(1) evidence of the effects of Biodanza on biochemical, immunological blood parameters in normal subjects (including first evidence of the cellular effects of Biodanza in comparison to the control group).

(2) proof of self-organization process theory (theory TRANSTAS Jorge Terren) in the immune system / IgA in saliva during 10 Biodanza sessions in comparison with control group.

(3) detection of positive and optimized psychovegetative auto-regulating effects of Biodanza in connection with the BRAC-rhythm (eg using EDA, heart rate) compared to control group.

(4) psycho-physiological mechanisms of protection and Biodanza (including reduction of hypersensitivity as a result of Biodanza, investigating the relationship between hyper-sensitivity and empathy, and hypersensitivity, and exhaustion / burnout).

(5) investigation of the biochemical and immunological effects of Biodanza in children (cortisol, IgA, testosterone; experimental control group study is currently running).

(6) Biochemical analysis of psychotherapy patients who received Biodanza-intervention, compared with control group (Biochemical, immunological blood parameters, including oxytocin, stress hormones, dopamine, serotonin, leukocytes, granulocytes, T cells, etc. with the control group, investigation is even).

(7) studies of the physiological stress relaxation behavior before and after Biodanza (EDA, blood pressure reduction with the control group).

(8) Chronobiological proof of the link between chaotic, de-syncronized emotional -vegetative patterns of the EDA after Biodanza and significant improvement of feeling.

(9) psychoveg. Activation in 48-hour monitoring of the EDA (Sympathicus-activita significantly increased on day 1 and at night after a Biodanza).

(10) Proof of Biodanza-curve model (developed by C. Garcia, 1997) in Biodanza beginners.

(11) study of musical parameters of Biodanza in music in connection with physiological relaxation and activation effect (pilot study at the Mozarteum in Salzburg).

PUBLICATIONS are available (some with review system).

(12) Plasticidad Neuronal, Neurogénesis y expresión genética diferencial en adultos en ambientes enriquecidos / BASES NEUROLÓGICAS DEL CEREBRO SOCIAL (Cecilia Toro Acuña)